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2017 Robotics Competition Rules
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2017 Robotics Competition Rules


Robotics Competition

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ATMAE 50th Anniversary Annual Conference
November 1-3, 2017
Hilton Cincinnati Netherlands Plaza
Cincinnati, OH

Click Here for 2017 Robotics Rules (8-28-17)



Are we allowed to move or pick up the 10" section of 4" pipe in order to get the hacky sack out?



Can we touch the 4" PVC cap during the autonomous portion?  Will it be secured in place or will the robot be able to push it a little?

A "touch" is OK.  Do not move the cap more than 1".  We are not planning on securing the cap at this point.


Will the PVC endcap have a flat or round bottom?


Will there be a more descriptive course map?  Right now there are just red, white and blue boxes.  We were wondering if there will be a map that shows the positioning of the obstacles and scoring objects within the course?

There will not be a more descriptive map, as I don't want to have to commit to accurately measuring distances between items involved in the event.  There are also some electrical outlets on the floor that I want to try to avoid, so committing to a rigid placement of objects would prevent me from being flexible.


Is it required that we use the duct tape line to guide the robot during the autonomous challenge, or can we approach the cap using other methods/sensors that are unrelated to the duct tape line?

You'll drive the robot to the line guide, acquire the line and then put the robot into autonomous mode.



Questions Comments or Concerns?

Please email Dr. Neil Littell at Please include “ATMAE 2017 Robotics Competition Question” in the subject line of the email.

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