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JTMAE Articles


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Volume 31, Number 1

January through March 2015
"LSS Green Belt Projects Planned versus Actual Duration"
(Volume 31-1, January 2015)
Dr. Chad Laux, Dr. Mary Johnson and Mr. Paul Cada

January through March 2015
"Evaluating Students' Perceptions for the Ethics Module Content in Nanotechnology Safety: Meeting the Needs for Post-Secondary Students in STEM Area"
(Volume 31-1, January 2015)
Dr. Dominick E. Fazarro, Dr. Jitendra S. Tate, Dr. Walt Trybula, Dr. Craig Hanks, Dr. Robert McLean, Mr. Satyajit Dutta and Mr. Adam Mokhtari

"Lean ManufacturingTools In Job Shop, Batch Shop and Assembly Line Manufacturing Settings"
(Volume 31-1, January 2015)
Dr. Daniela Todorova and Dr. John Dugger


Volume 30, Number 3

July through September 2014
"Extending the A3: A Study of Kaizen and Problem Solving"
(Volume 30-3, August 2014)
Dr. Eric O. Olsen, Dr. Darren Kraker and Ms. Jessie White

Volume 30, Number 2
April through June 2014

"Holistic Student Professional Development and Assessment: A Backward Design Approach"
(Volume 31-1, April 2014)
Dr. Jacqulyn A. Baughman, Dr. Thomas J. Brumm and Dr. Steven K. Mickelson

"The Importance of Social Presence and Motivation in Distance Learning"
(Volume 31-2, May 2014)
Dr. Cathy A. Robb and Dr. John Sutton

"Why Do So Few Female Students Select Industrial Distribution as Their Academic Major"
(Volume 31-3, May 2014)
Dr.Gregory E. Benson

Volume 30, Number 1
January through March 2014

"Lean Adoption in Small Manufacturing Shops: Attributes and Challenges"
(Volume 30-1, January 2014)
Dr. Manocher Djassemi

"The Relationship between Compensation and Selected Dimensions of Employee Engagement in a Mid-Sized Engineering Services Firm"
(Volume 30-1, January 2014)
Dr. Preetinder S. Gill, Dr. John Dugger, & Mr. Frank Norton

Volume 29, Number 4
October through December 2013

"Effects of Leadership on Financial Performance at the Local Level of an Industrial Distributor"
(Volume 29-4, December 2013)
Dr. Rod L. Flanigan, Dr. Gary Stewardson, Dr. Jeffrey Dew, Dr. Michelle Fleig-Plamer, and Dr. Edward Reeve

"The A3 Lean Management and Leadership Thought Process"
(Volume 29-4, October 2013)
Mr. William C. Schwagerman III and Dr. Jeffrey Ulmer

Volume 29, Number 3

July through September 2013

"Establishing a Robotics Competition in an Underserved Region: Initial Impacts on Interest in Technology and Engineering"
(Volume 29-3, July 2013)
Dr. Brad Deken, Dr.Doug Koch, and Mr. John Dudley

"A Qualitative Study of Junior Faculty Mentoring Practices at Selected Minority Higher Institutions"
(Volume 29-3, August 2013)
Dr. Lewis Waller and Dr. Musibau Shofoluwe

Volume 29, Number 2
April through June 2013

"Employee Trust and Its Influence on Quality Climate at Two Administration Levels"
(Volume 29-2, April 2013)
Dr. Gretchen A. Mosher, Dr. Nir Keren & Dr. Charles Hurburgh, Jr.

"Power Generation Using Simultaneous Capture of Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Energy"
(Volume 29-2, April 2013)
Mr. John Nill Ousterhout & Dr. Darren Olson

"What They Didn’t Know Hurt Them: Disseminating Risk Information to Prevent Disaster"
(Volume 29-2, April 2013)
Dr. Carolyn K. Dunn

Volume 29, Number 1
January through March 2013

"A New Approach to Integrating a Plus-Two Bachelor's Degree Program in Technology with a Two-Year Associate's Program"
(Volume 29-1, January 2013)
Mr. John H. Mott & Dr. Henry R. Lehrer

"Trust, Safety, and Employee Decision-Making: A Review of Research and Discussion of Future Directions"(Volume 29-1, February 2013)
Dr. Gretchen A. Mosher

Volume 28, Number 4
October through December 2012

"Student Laboratory Team Performance as Related to Team Size"
(Volume 28-4, October 2012)
Dr. Phillip Cochrane & Dr. Barbara Eversole

Volume 28, Number 3
July through September 2012

"Environmental Impacts of Using Welding Gas"
(Volume 28-3, July 2012)
Dr. Hany Nakhla, Dr. Ji Y. Shen, & Mr. Malcolm Bethea

Volume 28, Number 2
April through June 2012

"Different, Not Deficient: The Challenges Women Face in STEM Fields"
(Volume 28-2, April 2012)
Dr. Lynda Kenney, Ms. Pam McGee, & Dr. Kaninika Bhatnagar

"Dimensional Measurement Variation of Scanned Objects Using Flatbed Scanners"
(Volume 28-2, April 2012)
Dr. Martin P. Jones, Dr. Richard N. Callahan, & Dr. Richard D. Bruce

Volume 28, Number 1
January through March 2012

"The Impacts of Social Networking Sites on Workplace Productivity (Non-Refereed)"
(Volume 28-1, January 2012)
Mr. Femi Awolusi

"Introducing a Nanotechnology Curriculum and Considerations for Bridging Academic/Industry Relationships: An Overview and the New Challenge for ATMAE"
(Volume 28-1, January 2012)
Dr. Dominick A. Fazarro, Dr. Deb Newberry, Dr. Walt Trybula, & Mr. Jim Hyder

"Measuring Educational Program Effectiveness Using the Associate Constructor Exam"
(Volume 28-1, January 2012)
Dr. George Ford, Mr. C. Douglas Kinard III, & Dr. Bradford Sims

Volume 27, Number 4
October through December 2011

"Design of an Online Course in Quality Management Systems for Adult Learners"
(Volume 27-4, October 2011)
Dr. Gretchen A. Mosher, Dr. Steven A. Freeman, & Dr. Charles R. Hurburgh, Jr.

Volume 27, Number 3
July through September 2011

"A Case Study on Virtual and Physical I/O Throughputs"
(Volume 27-3, July 2011)
Dr. Timur Mirzoev, Dr. Baijian Yang, Mr. Marcus Davis, & Mr. Travis Williams

"Student Verification System for Online Assessments: Bolstering Quality and Integrity of Distance Learning"(Volume 27-3, July 2011)
Dr. Suhansa Rodchua, Mr. George Yiadom-Boakye, & Dr. Ronald Woolsey

Volume 27, Number 2
April through June 2011

"Clean Energy as a Platform for Interdisciplinary Collaborations within a Technology-Driven Institution"
Non-Refereed (Volume 27-2, May 2011)
Dr. Douglas J. Schauer, Dr. Isaac S. Slaven, & Mr. Glen D. Roberson

"Manufacturing Education: Evolving to Challenge Adversity and Public Sentiment"
(Volume 27-2, April 2011)
Dr. Mark R. Miller

"Maximizing the Economic Benefits of Compact Fluorescent Lamps"
(Volume 27-2, May 2011)
Dr. Carl J. Spezia & Mr. Jason Buchanan

Volume 27, Number 1
January through March 2011

"Competencies for Global Engineers and Technologists"
(Volume 27-1, March 2011)
Dr. Fola Michael Ayokanmbi

"Flow Length Measurement of Injection Molded Spirals Using a Flatbed Scanner"
(Volume 27-1, January 2011)
Dr. Martin P. Jones, Dr. Richard N. Callahan, & Dr. Richard D. Bruce

"Wind Power Technologies: A Need for Research and Development in Improving VAWT's Airfoil Characteristics"
(Volume 27-1, January 2011)
Dr. Rigoberto Chinchilla, Dr. Samuel Guccione, & Mr. Joseph Tillman

Volume 26, Number 4
October through December 2010

"Design and Evaluation of a Microcontroller Training System for Active Hands-On Distance and Campus-Based Classes"
(Volume 26-4, October 2010)
Dr. Steve Hsiung, Dr. John Ritz, Mr. Richard Jones, & Mr. Jim Eiland

"Online Graduate Degree Recruiting: Is it Different?"
(Volume 26-4, October 2010)
Dr. A. Mark Doggett & Dr. Stan Lightner

Volume 26, Number 3
July through September 2010

"Market Pay: A National Academic Struggle to Compensate a High Demand Discipline"
(Volume 26-3, July 2010)
Dr. Jeffrey M. Ulmer, Dr. Scott Wilson, & Dr. John Sutton

"Using Quality Management Systems for Food Traceability"
(Volume 26-3, July 2010)
Dr. Chad M. Laux & Dr. Charles R. Hurburgh, Jr.

Volume 26, Number 2
April through June 2010

"The Green Approach: Self-Powered House Design Concept for Undergraduate Research"
(Volume 26-2, May 2010)
Dr. Faruk Yildiz, Dr. Dominick Fazarro, & Mr. Keith Coogler

"Incident Database-Based Framework for Establishing Industrial Safety Performance Assessments"
(Volume 26-2, April 2010)
Dr. Nir Keren

"Professional Certification: A Study of Significance"
(Volume 26-2, April 2010)
Dr. Jeffrey M. Ulmer

"A Survey of Arc Flash Computation Methods and Mitigation Strategies"
(Volume 26-2, April 2010)
Dr. Carl J. Spezia

"Total Company-Wide Management System: Case Studies"
(Volume 26-2, April 2010)
Dr. Souraj Salah, Professor Abdur Rahim, & Dr. Juan Carretero

Volume 26, Number 1
January through March 2010

"A Comparison of OGP SmartScope Sensors"
(Volume 26-1, January 2010)
Dr. David W. Hoffa, Dr. Chad M. Laux, & Dr. Paul Kidwell

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